With customers now using smartphones more than desktops to access the internet, and mobile app usage on the increase it could be a good time to invest in a mobile app.

There’s no question that a strategically conceived mobile application can reap massive rewards when it comes to building relationships with your customers, but with 73% of users expecting a mobile app to be easier to use than a mobile website, it’s important that it’s up to scratch – that’s where we can help you. While you’ll create the concept behind the mobile app, we can provide a complete focus on the user-experience. As well as needing to look good, we know that the mobile app we create for you needs to be.


At DCSL, we strive for efficiency and value for money for our clients. It’s alien to us to build the same app multiple times to cater for the “big three” mobile platforms: Android, iOS and Windows. We solve that by using a Microsoft development tool kit called Xamarin that allows us to “write once” in .NET and C# and deploy to the big three platforms. Our solution means that we can write apps that interact with the phone or tablet hardware – for example, the camera, flash, accelerometer and so on – thereby developing genuine native mobile applications created specifically for the targeted platform. The benefit for you is quick, cost-effective development. Some companies prefer to solve the “write once” problem by using HTML5 applications within a browser frame. Whilst this is sometimes appropriate, we would only do this when the client agrees or prefers this approach.


Once we’ve talked through your requirements and suggested any functionality we think you’ll benefit from, we’ll create a prototype so you can see and ‘play’ with your new app as it takes shape. This allows all parties to flag any design or functionality that isn’t quite right, ensuring that the finished mobile app looks and functions exactly how you want it to.

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